Media content involving the network and its affiliates


Desmond Manderson speaks on the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration

Network affiliate, Professor Desmond Manderson, was a panelist on the fifth session of ANU's 'Lunch Vox' events, titled Productive Partnerships: Co-construction and collaborations in education. Professor Manderson discussed his extensive experience in creating and convening interdisciplinary courses in the diverse fields of art, philosophy, anthropology, English, political theory and history. His insights support and enrich our understanding of the interdisciplinary, collaborative principles that underpin initiatives such as the Network on the History and Legacies of Violence.


Carolyn Strange on the 'History Slam' Podcast

Network coordinator, Dr Carolyn Strange appeared on the History Slam podcast hosted by Sean Graham to talk about her book, The Death Penalty and Sex Murder in Canadian History. They discuss her background studying criminal justice, the public's influence in capital cases, and the concept of discretionary justice. They also chat about the number of capital cases in Canada, how reliable the sample size is, and whether capital punishment could re-emerge as a political issue.


Conversations Across the Creek - 'Microbes and Masses'

'Microbes and Masses', an event in the Conversations Across the Creek series run by the ANU Humanities Research Centre, featured presentations by network affiliates Dr Kathryn Glass, Dr Eryn Newman and Dr Katharina Bonzel, and was moderated by network co-ordinator, Dr Carolyn Strange.


'Requiem for a Reef' performance by artist and network affiliate, Ngaio Fitzpatrick

Requiem for a Reef is a collaborative and immersive work of advocacy for the endangered Great Barrier Reef by artist and affiliate of the network, Ngaio Fitzpatrick, composer Alexander Hunter and accompanying musicians Lynden Bassett, Chloe Hobbs, James Langer, Elsie Percival and Chayler Ueckert-Smith.


Dr Siobhan McDonnell - 'Advocating for our most vulnerable'

Network affiliate, Dr Siobhan McDonnell from the Crawford School of Public Policy, describes her ongoing research into climate justice in the Pacific.


Network affiliate Meredith Hope appears on ABC Radio National's 'Ockham's Razor'

April 12, 2020

Can a river sing?

Listen here to Meredith Hope give a talk on her interdisciplinary project on the 'voice' of the Murray-Darling river.

More information on the project here.


Network Launch

On 5th December 2019, the Network on the History and Legacies of Violence held a launch event. Following an introduction by network coordinator, Dr Carolyn Strange, four affiliates of the network, Dr Karima Laachir, Dr Peter Londey, Dr Bonnie McConnell and Dr Brad Tucker, presented a mini 'research roadshow' outlining some of their recent research and its relevance to the ambit of the network.